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Who is Tinu David

A woman who is proud of who she is and is not bothered about what others think of her – well most of the time, I am not perfect.

I have lived life to the fullest and I still am living it and finding out new and lovely things about life and the people next to me.

I have no limits to anything, I can be self absorbed and love the world all around me.

We all have had traumatic experiences and I have and that has made me become who I am today – me.

Life is for the living and living it in the most happiest ways ever – allowing and giving others and myself space – allowing yourself to laugh when you feel like laughing – allowing yourself to speak freely when you feel like speaking – allowing yourself to enjoy the moments you get when it is shown to you – allowing yourself to just let go when you do – allowing myself to be mindful of those who can be judgemental – allowing yourself not to care about what others think of you – allowing yourself to show how you feel when you feel – allowing yourself to just be YOU – these are some of the things I do.

I have always wanted to know why people do what they do and it is with experience, learning, researching and doing lots of courses — I have realised that we are all the same – race, colour, religion, sex, gender – but what and the only thing that makes us all different is our experiences. That I have mastered.

I am Tinu David – a beautiful woman full of femininity. I am an African woman born to the family of David who are from Nigeria West Africa. I know what I want and I don’t care what others think of me – because if I do care then I am not going to be ME. I love life. I love experiences. I love RED GREEN and PURPLE.


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