7 Ways to hide – Tummy

We get to a stage in our life, where we are trying and have tried so hard to get our stomach trim enough so we can show our tummy off but takes longer than planned or doesn’t want to shift at all or you have just given up.

Wanting to look sophisticated, slimmer, not sloppy, polish, trimmer are all a  yes yes!.

There are several ways you can make your tummy look slimmer than it is and it would take you trying things on to find that fit for your own figure.

I’ll share the 7 ways below.

  1.  The pockets at the back of the trousers should be small and high as they help accentuates and lifts your bum. Love bums especially those seen in good looking trousers, we rock girls don’t we??
  2. I love flowy tops, why? Because they do just what I want it to – hide my tummy. They are the best ones to hide your tummy. Now with flowy tops, you have to be careful at how flowy they are, as they can sometimes overtake the person wearing the top, so as less flowy as possible. Flowy as it doesn’t cling to the body. When you have a flowy top it is always best to wear a tapered trousers or skirt.
  3. You can also use Tank Top with tummy control to hide your tummy.  There are many and you would have to try some on to find the one that suits your own body shape.
  4. Using a shapewear is another great way of hiding your tummy. There are different makes to go for and I am saying this as they are ones that my clients have worn and loved the effect it gave them. They are Spanx Body Suit Shaper. There are a few and this one is the best ever as they stay put and not roll up anywhere. Have a look here: Spanx
  5. You can wear empire dress or top. These are clothes that have the waist just under the burst. It takes the focus away from your tummy.
  6. High Rise Trousers – that reaches your belly button, It would really help in a lot of ways: you would look slimmer and trimmer, you would ultimately feel slimmer. It would look fab overall with whatever top or jacket you are wearing it with. You would have an amazing confident look. A low rise trousers wouldn’t be right to wear at all. It is a style of trousers that wouldn’t give your tummy a good look as it would emphasis on your tummy more than it should. A good brand of trousers is a definite as the material used makes a lot of difference to how the trousers will fit, try and try lots till you find the one.  The zips can be at sides and at the front are best suited and not the back zips as that style of trousers doesn’t compliment hiding your tummy.
  7. Best not to wear a waist belt or a rouche or any kind of belt that is meant to be worn around the waist because that would definitely bring more attention to your waist.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 19th August 2017 under the categories: Uncategorized
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