A-ssimilating A-ppearance A-ctivated


assimilating appearance activated – when you are unknowingly persuaded your appearance and the way you view the world around you is activated, unknowingly unknowningly

con – assimilate, persuade, deceive, trick

and then

form – appearance, manifest, custom

conformity is a word that a lot of people do not know they are in the world of, unknowingly.

I’ll give you an example of an experience someone shared with me.

the person who said those words, I will be sharing, is a person who you will think has all the knowledge, education, intelligence and the wherewithal not to say the words.

right the story that was shared – after a ‘person’ who is from Nigeria was thinking of going back to Nigeria to settle, whilst at the time going through a tough time here in the UK and options were to go back and live in Nigeria, sharing with this certain person I mentioned earlier, then said ‘isn’t Nigeria a backward place’?

regardless whatever word she used to describe how she felt Nigeria is or was is not essential whatsoever, the message says a lot about how, in as much as she said them, she didn’t realise that her thought and the way she saw how Nigeria is or was, had a tremendous influence from what she has seen on t.v, read or heard from the news, pictures she has seen, words people have used to describe what Nigeria is like and so on. she

wasn’t aware of it, in the slightest, in the way it has affected her way of thinking.

I am from Nigeria and I do not consider Nigeria backward, it is a country like any other country, period. nothing to add or take away.

it may seem as though I am trying to defend the country I am from, Nigeria. yes, I am and I will do so for any other place that is considered in not a good state.

there are troubles everywhere all over the world, even in England where I reside, it is not publicly known or seen as often.

we are not the judge of how to calculate a place that is receiving worse troubles – trouble, wars, misfortune, suffering and so on. it affects people of different nations in different ways but the one thing that is common with all of them is that, in one way or another, it shapes and it influences how we feel or our thoughts.   

however, I will like to make this clear, I do have empathy for countries and places here and around the world going through unpleasantness – if I can use that word.

but but but why do we need to concentrate on the not so good things of the world, the general media portrays.

there are beautiful amazing stories all around the world and here in the UK.

I see them, you see them, everyone sees them.

going back to the conversation that occured when the person said. ‘’isn’t Nigeria backward’’. the person has never been to Nigeria. making unknown judgement in what she has seen and heard from all the media platforms. or even perhaps, has had a not so good experience with a Nigerian.      

we all shall:

abide by the moral codes of conduct, always

do no harm to another, regardless who you are.

have and show compassion

show share spread love for and to everyone

having ultimate control and confidence that you are the ruler of your mind your thoughts your progression, is the key here.

no one is and shall not influence you otherwise.

when you become the master of your mind, you are, yes open, but you are in control of what is said to you and what you see.

if an emotion comes up, in any situation you are in or you find yourself in, whether sad or good or both, ask yourself the question, why am I feeling this? what has brought this up? and you will be able to understand it.

the question is a vital and more importantly the answer you come up with.

as we develop from a baby to adulthood, we have been told a lot of things and we have had several experiences that makes us who we are today.

be aware of how you take things, as in situations you find yourself in. the reactions you get from them. it is never about the person or the situation, never, it is about your reactions to the behaviour of the situation.

of course if someone gives you a slap, it is not a very nice thing to experience, how dare they? but it is an experience for the slapper and the person been slapped to find out why they were slapped and the person who slapped the other. this is to do with the behaviour of both parties. it always has to do with an experience they had in the past.

once you investigate the experience, you’ll begin to understand the importance of, rather than point fingers, you’ll embrace it and you’ll find you will not have the same reaction as you did, if the event happens again, if at all it does.

cultures, nations, race, religion are all great, they encourage all sort of goodness and guidance to others.

be careful what you listen to what you adhere to.     

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 11th December 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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