youth-570881_1920”When you finally experience your FREEDOM – all the things that got you down and got in the way of you achieving your true potential, desires, your dreams or what you were called on this earth to do, the reverse – feeling lighter, enlightened, happier, more focused, internalise, calmer, confident, unrestrained, inner peace, stillness, accepting, tolerant, receptive, down-to-earth, humility and accepting of everything and anything around you – the joy of it creates, enlightenment – free from suffering”. Tinu David



TD_0044-ASWho is Tinu ?. . .

I will guide, life coach and heal you to become who you are meant to be, and I mean that, but first, you’ve got to want to.

Freedom is yours and it comes with a price and that price is YOU.

You will get a sense of how I work from the moment you meet me, if you are open to getting the results you want. It’s not about hearsay in as much as it is complimentary to read feedback and comments, your own hearsay is waiting for you.

I will be your guide, heal, I’ll also life coach, inspire and empower you to become free of all the things that life throws at you, regardless of who you are, where you are or where you are going and most importantly for you to become comfortable with what you find.

Honesty reigns in everything I do, and honesty is the bearer of true meaning in what life holds for us all. It is in all aspects of my life, my role as a guide, a life coach, a healer, a friend and to the world around me.

Change is a hard, it’s a toil and it is the reason I say it. Once you change with my guide, you will become comfortable in every little step you take to achieving the desired goal you want to reach, whatever it is.arrow-686315_1920

Remember you are on the driver seat and I am your trusted satellite navigator who will guide, life coach and heal you [repeated quite a bit I know but it is what I am called to do] to where you want to go.

I am a happy go funny bunny enlightened light being, always am and not in the slightest a fake happy go funny bunny woman, I say that with confidence and I will tell you why.

I hheart-3147976_1920ave had a full-on life experience and I HAD not always being as fully happy as I am now. I was loved and loved in ways at the time I didn’t think anyone cared about me. I went to school, college, university, did more trainings, courses and more courses. Living a life searching for something. I wasn’t ever in a place that felt completely comfortable or happy. Life in general was as it could be but underlining there was always something missing.

After a life of searching for what that missing thing was, I then had an awakening, enlightening and empowering moment at a pinnacle point in my life. Most people at this pinnacle moment will have given up. Also, at this moment I realised that all the thoughts, experiences, ideas and revelations I had all through my life where there for a reason, always is. Taking the right action was one of the reasons and that life has a lot to offer me than I had imagined and believed. I remember once at the moment of my awakening, I shared something to a friend, saying my life purpose now is to be HAPPY, but was bemused by my statement, it is what I am today – A happy go funny bunny and shiny. Happiness brings all your life situations into balance.

  • I now live an energised soulful generous giving life that doesn’t leave me searching – I am found.
  • I am a happy funny bunny and shiny person or woman who now enjoys all the experiences around her.
  • I now have the freedom to be able to follow my own calling my own mission my own given gift and the confidence in doing so.
  • I am living a life I was called to do – healing, coaching, motivating, inspiring, encouraging, empowering and so on – the world to be whoever they were born to be or want to be.
  • I have a successful business or calling, doing what I love doing with my ideal clients.
  • I feel liberated and glorious of who I am today.
  • I have no limitations to anything now, it makes me love the world and all around me more.
  • I do not judge and if I had a slight sense of judgement coming on I use it as a sign I am not comfortable with something about me, rarely happens.
  • The people I meet wherever I am – my clients or on the street or in a shop or in the supermarket etc. – are all inspirational extraordinaire being/people.


emoji-3202669_1920Traumatic experiences are there for a reason, do you know what yours is? Have you come to understand what it or what they meant? Are you becoming a better learner in your experience’s? Are you truly, truly happy?

I had lots and lots of questions not knowing what the answers were. Why wasn’t I feeling as I shall – Content? Happy? Liberated? Peaceful? and so on but I have now found myself – me!

Life is for the living and living it in the most happiest ways ever – allowing and giving yourself and others space – allowing yourself to laugh when you feel like laughing – allowing yourself to speak freely when you feel like speaking – allowing yourself to enjoy the moments you get when it is shown to you – allowing yourself to just let go when you do – allowing yourself to be mindful of those who can be judgemental but at the same time it’s showing you a weakness you have – allowing yourself not to care about what others think of you – allowing yourself to show how you feel when you feel – allowing yourself to just be YOU.


I have come to realise that we are all the same – race, colour, religion, sex, gender – the only thing that makes us all different from one another is our experiences, so I celebrate commonality not difference.

I am a guide, a healer, a servant to the world. In my presence and perhaps if you are or become open to it, you will immediately get a sense of who I am and what I can heal and guide you to achieve – it’s almost like I diffuse any problems, grievances, any doubts any negativity in the room or gathering I bring myself to be present in. You are the same too, if you open yourself to it.


red-rose-2263646_1920I am here for you, this website the creation of my website is here for you if you are looking to feel as content as happy as free and liberated as you can be in whatever life situation you are in. I’ll guide, heal and coach you as I am your satellite navigation, to a destination, your destination, your goal, your own calling if you like and I’ll get you there safely in the most gentle but also the most committed honest giving way.

Yes I CAN, but I am not here for everyone. Remember you are on the driver seat and I am your trusted satellite navigator who guides you to where you want to go. The four main important components in my role as your guide, healer and coach and also your role as a client are – the four C’S – Clarity, Commitment, Consistency and Confidence – in your journey.

All questions can be answered, all problems can be solved, all heartache can be mended and so on – I say that with all honesty – why? because you have them within you, I promise you, you do and PART of what I do as a Freedom Spiritual Coaching Healer is guide you there to freedom.

  • Where are you in your journey of life? I can guide you to your destination.
  • Have you lost control of your life? I can guide you to getting your life back.
  • Do you know who you really are? I can guide you there.
  • Would you like to live a happier, content and feel liberated? I can guide you there.
  • You will like to have a feeling of freedom? I can guide you to your freedom.


hands-2549394_1920You can start by taking one of my FREE 15 MINUTES COACHING SESSION, which I will be sharing with you the ways in which you can become free of all the things that get in or are in your way of your potential – which invariably is living life as happier in Itself.






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