Action Speaks Louder Than Words


In the famous saying “action speaks louder than words – the action word means ACT, PERFORM, DO, INITIATE.

Try and not get too overly wrapped up with inspiring, empowering, motivational and sweet-to-the-ear words. They are of course a very good way of getting your mindset into ACTION always, it’s an important aspect of life the reason why they are there, so listen to them intensively.

At events or talks you attend, like the ones I do, you come away feeling glad you attended it you enjoyed what you heard, it was like they were speaking or talking to you. You feel elated and there is a little voice inside you a very little voice, saying, “this is what I am going to do, and this is how I am going to do it”. That little tiny voice is your intuition.

Also be very aware that the ego then gets into action always because the ego – ego creates it identity around pain – would start whispering saying to you – “but you are use to how you are, you are comfortable with who you are right now, so why change”. It is only looking after you which some say it isn’t a nice thing, but I say it is a nice thing to know you are being looked after because it knows how hard change can be and it is only giving you a reminder. In a kindly soft way, talk to your ego in the gentlest form you can, to let you carry on with the change you desire.

Change could be just having your hair cut or coloured or having your beard trimmed or buying a pink dress rather than the black you keep buying or even you wanting to be a pilot.

What you read, what you hear, will only become true, when you actually ACT what it is that you’re hearing or reading, which motivates you and inspires you.

You see these words every day, I share them too even right now as you read this.

You could also get it every hour if you stop and notice the things around you. They are there to get you into doing them they are there to motivate and inspire you but not just to keep it within you. You agree with whatever it is that you’re reading or hearing, it resonates with you.

ACT, INITIATE, PERFORM or DO it/them is the most important thing EVER.

Yet again the words are there for you to ACT them and nothing more, JUST DO IT, thank you to the brand name who uses those three words. Thank you for reading!

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 29th May 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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