Are we still connected?


A saying goes “an invisible red string connects those who are meant to be together regardless of time or place the string can stretch out tangle but it can never break”

You can pull, stretch, tangle, burn, cut, soak, discard the string that binds two people together but you can never separate what binds them together.

If you have found the ONE and you feel a binding connection – some call it twin flame some call it soul mate, regardless of who they are, where they are, what they are – you would always have that ‘bind’ ‘bond’ for eternity.

You don’t have to be together. As long as you know who they are, you would always have a binding connection.

desperate-2676554_1280Do not WORRY.
Worry would be talked about in another post.

I had a client who worried about not being able to be with their soul mate their twin flame and it caused so much pain and wanted to get rid of the AGONY.

I was able to help free and lessen the pain but the bond still remains and they would always be connected together for eternity, regardless of whether they are together or not.

There are some who would run a mile off scared of what they are feeling. That is okay. They are not ready to take it on. We all are on a journey and some would take longer than others.

It is a journey to a destination and it’s not the destination that really matters but it’s crucial at the same time. The experiences you have on your way, is the best bit, it is what you are learning along the way.

Do Not be afraid

Do Not worry

Do Not race there

Enjoy your journey. . .


This post was written by Tinu David and published on 11th June 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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