Are You The Judge Or Are You The Been Judged


I posted the picture of this woman, on a social media platform.

I do not know her.

I used the picture to see what people come up with, with the question I asked them.

I asked that they share with me, what, straight away comes to them, when they look at this picture? all of it.

I also asked they share as much as they like and to be as open as they can be, I wasn’t going to judge.

They came up with the words below.

Determined, succeed, strong, hard-working, hearts, kind, sad, beautiful, wisdom, self assured, knowing, happy, enough, peaceful self, beautiful soul, proud, confident, contentment maker, dignity, conqueror, victor, queen.

She may look like a woman who has seen a lot of tough times, but look at the words they shared about what they saw in her, amazing.

Living life as you shall or are meant to, will be the judge of what you end up looking like, regardless of where you are in the world.

The fact that she doesn’t know that they shared these beautiful long list of words, she will be absolutely touched and is already, by their words wherever she is, she will be filled with inhalation, she definitely will, no doubt.

A lot of people judge people by what they look like.

She’s not in a flashy car or in a luxurious house or is she wearing a fancy looking hairstyle or is she wearing the most glamorous clothing. She is not, but look at the words they shared about her.

None of them said she’s a woman or she’s black or she is from a culture or religion. I’m not judging, just pointing out my observation.

Or did they think it but decided not to say?

Perhaps it was to do with what I asked of them.

We need to take note of our immediate reactions when we meet people, whoever they are. They will also feel it.

Love everyone, everyone, whoever, whatever, wherever or however they are. Make sure you have love for you too, first.

It’s the first thought that comes to us when we react to people we meet, that will determine how we are going to converse with them.

You plant the seed in whatever first thought or moments you get in your life. The seed will grow dependent on what and how you water it with.


This post was written by Tinu David and published on 20th October 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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