Are you true to yourself

I am a Stroke Survivor – I say that with the utmost pride as I was told they didn’t think I would live.

I fought my way to surviving and it is not as it may sound ‘fought’ but at the same time it is, for example; I used my mind, my determination and my courage to get me out of the hospital, so I can begin to live my life as I have always wanted to live it. I am living a happy life now.

You don’t have to wait for the worst to happen to you before you realise you’ve got to start living life the way you want to not the way you think you should. We would always get instances to show us we are not doing or acting like we should. Illness is an indication of a troubled mind. There are lots of books that indicate that a particular type of ailment is in connection with a particular type of mindset or a way or state of your mind.

Do you sometimes have an ailment and you go to the Doctors and he or she suggests you have some tests. After you’ve done the test[s] you then begin to get even more worried now.

You begin to think it could be something so serious and then that thought begins to terrify the life out of you. It could be anything as this ailment came up suddenly and you have heard all sorts of things about this particular ailment. You then go on the internet to find out what this ailment could be, you are seeing all the symptoms you are experiencing and what they indicate – all sorts come back and you get even more anxious with what you found on the internet, you desperately now want to know what the result is.

When you then go see the Doctor, who is now going to tell you the result of the test, you seat down waiting to hear the terrible result, you even looking at the Doctors eyes if there is any indication of worry in his or her eyes. He or she then says the test came back showing that all is okay with you, in other words there is nothing medically wrong with you.

Yes? I’m not a medical Doctor and I wouldn’t know why or how you have the ailment. There might be a possibility it’s a sign that there is some stress that you are suppressing and it’s leaking out in the form of your symptom.

It does leave you feeling disappointment that there wasn’t anything wrong with you, it wasn’t that you wanted to be ill, but it was that, those symptoms seem so real to you, how can the test result say they found nothing.

Seek help to deal and find out what emotions you are suppressing and to also deal with the stress you may be going through, don’t wait for the worst to happen.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 24th November 2017 under the categories: Uncategorized
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