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energy-3141243_1920There are more children who are now able to openly express their feelings from within their soul. The way the world reacts to them by how they are now listened to has become an important part of the recognition – been acknowledged for their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Children who are between the ages of one to eight are the most enlightened being on the planet. It is the most important crucial age of anyone born into this world. They are all born with gifts in them, a calling I also call it. Watch them, see what they do, hear what they say they are a true gift.

The growth of true and factual, uninfluenced and intelligent characteristics develops at that age.

You would realise that children at a young age dependent on how they are brought up: a note; this is not having a go at our parents who didn’t realise it or at parents who feel they could have done more, no, it is me just having an open minded explanation to the world today, that they, the children, expresses their innate value and gift openly when encouraged by their guidance or parents or whoever is responsible for them.

lightbulb-2734282_1920There has been lots of documentary on the lives of young adults who have excelled in something expected of those who are much older than they are. I know there is a science that explains much deeper than what I am expressing, I like to keep things on the simple level, so it is understood easily and for me to express it that way. Life is simple and keeping it simple is one of the mottos I follow, complicated otherwise.

I am not a scientist, but a humanist and I am not saying I follow a sect of humanist, I am only trying to make you understand where my perspectives coming from – simplistic.

It is always down to how the child has been encouraged to express themselves.

Children, especially at the age, benefit from a guidance that nourishes, encourages and supports them.

If you can think back at that age gap, if you allow yourself to go back in time, I am certain at that age gap you had the GET-GO, the dream, the desires of what you can be.

man-3372762_1920Some people weren’t encouraged to and some were determined, all dependent on how their environment influenced their thinking and frame of thoughts.

There were a few reasons that stopped or discouraged a lot of people from reaching or pursuing their dream and desires – mainly fear, hard work, lack of determination and support, un-influenced, doubts in ability, lack of confidence, unenthusiastic, lack of supportive mentors, lack of motivation, unworthiness, the list is endless.

It isn’t too late to live your dream your desires, what you think you are called for into this world, keep going.

TRUST in yourself – visualise with your innate feelings where you like to be, how you would like to feel and work towards it, but but and another but enjoy the journey, the journey there is what it is about, you would have marvellous experiences.




Improving performance and increasing productivity are some of the things you may think about constantly, with regards to how your business can perform better and at best increase [company name] reputation.

In any work environment there are underlining causes why some of the jobs given to the staff, for example:

  • Taking longer to perform task given
  • Weak results caused by not being focused
  • Lack of amiable interactions with other team members – stressful
  • Diminishing commitment
  • Deviation from contracted job roles

These sometimes are a result of your company unforeseen circumstances and personal obstacles affecting their job performance.

The group coaching sessions boost staff moral and efficiency in the workplace. They become motivated, innovative, creative, improved engagement with other team members and confidence – all in relation to their job roles within your organisation.
The effectiveness of the coaching method I use is outstanding and advised periodically. It gets straight-right into the nitty gritty of how by doing so, transforms all that is needed to continuously and effectively, deliver the services your company provides through your staff-work force.

Also as a result you will receive a revamped, renewed, revitalised and re energised employees.

Most importantly [your company] will also gain a good reputation and an exceptional customer retention.


You are an already successful growing company and all I would be doing is guide you to keep that going.

You can contact to me and I will share with the methods I will use, to guide your workforce to become more efficient successfully.

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