Bound, are YOU?



Are you gender bound? 
Are you race bound?
Are you culture bound?
Are you religion bound?

There are certain moral conducts we all shall follow, which is an important thing to adhere to, a must.

Please note this, I am not saying do not be religious or cultured or represent what your gender is, or what your colour or race is, all I am saying when you become bound by them, it confuses you, you feel lost, you feel obligated to, it stops or gets in the way of you being who you really are within, your core true self.

We are all one and commonality is best embraced rather than our difference.

We all have a skin, a heart, a soul, a face, a body and so on. For example, it doesn’t mean because she or he grew up somewhere else indicates she or he is not the same as you, we are all one.

You will find the more you do this, ”not being bound” you start to realise that, you are becoming comfortable and you are able to now be who you really are within, regardless of your race, your gender, culture or religion.

Love Strength Light and a Ray of Sunshine to YOU…

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 14th September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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