A deep – quite deep topic to talk about – I know but we are all going to die and we may know of someone who has died.

This is one topic only just 4 years ago I became comfortable talking about it.

We are all going to die – I have said that already 😊 – one day – and the thought of having to talk about death can be the most frightening thing ever, but for me now I can, why because I have dealt and healed – my anxiety in the association with death.

I have experienced death with those who have been closest to me – my immediate family – 7 times and when you experience those sort of experiences, it is almost an automatic thing that we would start to develop fear of – death itself.

One of the ways I overcame my fear of death as it is the same as overcoming the fear of anything was by doing the following.

Believe in your capabilities
Believe in your innate power within yourself
Believe that whatever it is that you want or desire or need in whatever form can be as you want it or like it or need it or even desire it.

The ultimate is believe in YOURSELF.

Once your believes becomes an anchor for you, it is with stability it can be a powerful use to you.

With time and it is with precious time that most things would become apparent and the pace you adhere to – which is also important – you would then start to realise the healing within you.

You would even forget as you progress in your healing how fearful you were but you would never forget the experiences that arose when you felt fearful.

Fear not – for your fears are only just FEELINGS & EMOTIONS you have created.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 24th October 2017 under the categories: Uncategorized
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