Fear – False or Real?

False or Real


Fear, I have talked about or done a few post or articles on and I am still finding others things to talk about it.


It is one the biggest things people have, that they find difficult to shift, clear, erase, disappear, this F—ing FEAR! Damn thing, get out of me for f— sake. It is something if you do you have fears, you f—ing like to get rid off and sometimes using the f word suffices – for some, for some.


We have fears of animals, we have fears of anything you can think of and the thought of it, can sometimes and I am only saying sometimes, you want to say, ‘that is silly’, ‘how pathetic’, ‘how sad’, ‘how demoralising’.


Demoralising is a massive and a very important word. Why? I tell you as you read on you will understand where I am coming from and the detrimental, demoralising effects it has in any aspects of our life.


There are several ways of diversifying what fear is, it’s meaning. I will be using one, which I think is quite common.


An example is:

F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real.


The F-false side of it, can be for some, ‘how dare you say it is false’, ‘it isn’t false’, ‘I am really experiencing it’, ‘I feel it’, ‘are you saying I am lying’? Are some of the reactions you may get for those who have fears when you tell them it is F-false. It is false though, because you have created it, created something that is not pleasant. Anything not nice in the world, we have created, we freaking have, how dare I say so?


However, on the angel concerning the not so good experiences we’ve had or are having, are there because it is there to strengthen us. Fear, if you think about it, for a second, it is not strengthening in any shape or form, it’s focus, the emotions, the thoughts that are formed whilst experiencing fear are, demoralising. It sucks up the resourceful energy we need to use to guide us into living the life we are born to live in – happy, content, grateful, positive, deserving and so on.


Whereas experiences we have which are there to strengthen us, for example you are starting a new business and you experience a lot of challenges that knocks you for six and you get to a point you want to give up, but you don’t, that in itself is strengthening. You have raised your coping, your endurance, your wherewithal, your determination, one step up.    


Whereas with fear – it is not strengthening at all, it is about you becoming aware of how your thoughts govern you creating your reality.


However, if you do conquer any fear you have, trust me, you will not have fear of anything else, why? Because you will realise the real authentic evidential reasoning for your fear, is coming from your own thought.


On the other spectrum, the R-real, can justify that they are not lying, even though it says it is F-false, it is also saying, it is R-real. The mind boggles.


Also in between the F-false and the R-real  it says, A-appearing – so they can see what they are fearful of, but but not totally, because it is something they have created in their own minds. Why not totally? No one but they can see it. It is of course significant they can see it, on the other side of the coin, they have created it. We do create the things we see around us, what? Yes we do. Your thoughts, your powerful thoughts create your reality. A blog post I will be doing.


On the E-evidence part of it, it is conforming to them that what they are seeing or what they are fearful of is a proof. It is a proof of course or else they will not be fearful of whatever it is they are fearful of. But it is a ‘false evidence’. Again the beautiful creative blowing mind, boggles.


The E-evidence is where the False the Appearing and the Real, brings it all together.


The fear is false, but it appears itself as real and of course with it all it is evidential, or else you will not be fearful.


I am going to go into the subtleness of this bleeding fear, malaky.


I already have mentioned how we create our own reality, so we can un-create our fear, how? How the f— how?


I’ll give you an example of me, I will talk of my most recent one which has been cleared, erased and varnished.


I use to have the fear of falling, so bad that any time and I mean anytime I stepped out of the door of my flat, it is aIl I thought about. Even as I am walking, I look at every step I make so I do not fall, it was the most terrifying thing you can ever imagine.


I am going to use False Evidence Appearing Real to explain to you how it really it is, as it says.


I have fallen quite a few times and they were not very good falls. That sent terrifying thoughts to my consciousness, and the fear of falling came to live and was born.


In as much as, I am mind warrior and fear is one of the things I guide clients away from, I needed something else, much powerful, because I was at a stage in my life where power rings through in everything I do. I did visualise, imagine, feel and felt all that I shall, so I do not have the fear of falling. It did help to a point but not as powerful as I will like it to be.


However for some, it will have been just enough for them to go on living their life having come over the fear they had, with where I was, like I said, the visualisation and so on, did help.


I had a E.F.T [Emotional Freedom Technique] session from a friend who specialises in the method of clearing and cleansing things that gets in the way of us moving and so on.


It was a magical experience. Why? After the remarkable experience I had, the next day I went out not even having the thoughts of any sign of any fall.  


In a conclusion if I can use that word because fear has so many sides to it, many implications, many aspects to it – get rid of your fears, you have created them, you can get rid of them. It sucks up a lot of resourceful energy you can focus elsewhere.


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