F E A R – Ouch!

It is O K A Y!

When we talk about other people in a ”NEGATIVE” way in a way that we FEEL or THINK is not right to be; it is a sign or an indication that we have something about our self that we so badly don’t like. Rather than face them [the things we don’t like about our self] we look for other people’s negative attributes and focus on them, instead.

Everyone can be seen to have GOODNESS, BEAUTY and LOVE in them, like you have, it is in you who is reading this.

If there is anything you don’t like about ‘’someone’’ firstly look at what it is about self you do not like. For the record, for me I would always find something.

Once you have found what it is about yourself you do not like:

• You would not have anything to say to that ”someone’’ OR

• It may become appropriate to share it with them, what it you see that you don’t like as you have seen it in you. I would. Now this is the most empowering thing ever to do OR

• You could get engaged with them and see how you can guide or serve them, only if you feel they are having an issue with it, like I said get engaged with them.

Living life through several relationships with people not just intimate relationships all types of relationship [work, personal and intimate] you become more aware of how you interact with others.

We all still have FEARS and we wouldn’t be FREE of our FEARS but what would change once we see them and know of them, is the changing of HOW we let it AFFECT US. . .

Don’t run away from them [FEARS] embrace them because it becomes bigger the more you run away from them and can become the most challenging thing to face and conquer. . .

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 16th August 2017 under the categories: Uncategorized
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