I have already done a blog on fear but I’ll share with you a little bit of some of my insights and the things that I go through in my own life, with my fears.

I’m going to try and do this – sharing with you my own personal insights – once a month and I’m using this opportunity to make what I share with you as the very first one.

Everybody has fears and I have them.

I know what all my fears are I have faced perhaps 85% of my fears.

I have at least still got 15% lurking around.

I’m only sharing this with you right now, this moment because I am experiencing at present one of my left over fear.

I have been here before, where I had to deal with it all on my own.

Whereas before, I always had a back up a support of some sort.

Now, seven months ago it was the most terrifying thing ever. It was my very first time then, when I did it, my fear rating then was a massive 150% you can or can’t imagine it.

It’s now gone from a very big huge gigantic 150% to now a mere 5%.

I am now doing it again without any fear whatsoever and if there was anything it would perhaps and maybe like I said earlier a 5% fear. The next time I do it, there would be no fear whatsoever – non. I’ll be clapping and hailing HALLELUJAH!! 🙂

Stepping right into your fear is the best way to get rid of your fear. It’s on of my MOTTO. The moment you step into it it may feel or rather it would feel like the world is going to come to an end, that you are going to die, that it’s the worst thing you would ever experience, but and it is NOT.

As I have now stepped into one of my last feeling of fear, as I have with my other fears – you get a feeling of lightness, of joy, of accomplishment, you feel you’ve conquered something great. The heaviness the weight of your fears that you have always carried on yourself is now all taken off – like I said you feel very light.

For only a tiny moment, think a bit deeper, although it’s something I don’t encourage – deep thoughts – this very one time you can 🙂 – the ultimately reason really is because of the fear of DEATH. . .

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