How I Work

Hello I am Tinu David – Spiritual Freedom Coach

When you free yourself of all the things that gets you down the reverse feeling lighter illuminated feeling happy motivated focused aware being you enlightenment free from suffering.

Now with the way I work as a coach there are four things that I follow through and for things my clients would have to follow through and there are four C’s.

Clarity, you need to be clear as to what you want to achieve, you need to be Committed with whatever you want to achieve, you need to be Consistent with whatever it is you want to achieve and the fourth C is having Confidence that whatever you want to achieve you shall achieve it and that’s where I come in as a coach.

I’ve mentioned four C.s but there’s one bit that follow through in everything I do and its honesty. One word I’m going to keep using a lot, is it makes you feel absolutely lighter. With the honesty side of it, whatever I see in you I would express it as simple and as easy as I can.

With the way I work, I have got four sessions: a oneoff session, three session, seven sessions and a twelve session. With the one off session it gives you an idea of how you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve and I would guide you into how you can achieve it

The reason why I’ve got the three, the seven and the twelve sessions is that I have had clients who have had the one-off session, but, yes it’s brilliant because they get some sense of clarity as to whatever it is they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it, because I would be sharing with them. The main things which I have already mentioned, the consistency and the confidence to see it through is what some people struggle with and that’s where the three the seven and the twelve sessions come into play. I still recommend that you have the one-off session because it gives you in clarity as to how you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve and how I can guide and serve you to achieve it.

I am going to be talking about happiness – happiness is, one word I am going to use and I would be using it a lot, happiness makes you feel lighter. It’s one thing I always guide people to actually try and have it everyday of their life.

I’ll be doing a 30-day video blog post and in this blog post you would you’ll be able to understand how I work and how I can motivate you with the things that I share with you and inspire you. I look forward to sharing with you all the stuff that you go through in your lives and how you can change it.

With change – with anything that you change, from your old self to your new self, whatever it is you are changing is always hard, isn’t it? What makes it hard is because for so many years you have been used to the old way of life and all your old self is doing is wanting to creep back in trying to get you into feeling comfortable with your  as well I try and guide you old way of life and that is where again I come into play where I guide you to remain committed and consistent and have the confidence to follow your new way of life.

I look forward to sharing more stuff with you thank you for reading.