How our thoughts rule our mind

I shared a few words on Facebook “I’m lost for words TODAY”. . . and the response I got was very interesting.

I got a few comments and thank you to those who did for leaving the feedbacks and your sweet sweet concerns.

I would say – in as much as I do wonder if I’m reaching as many people in the world – I have been posting inspiring enlightening motivational words everyday on my social media presence and I get them from what inspires me everyday regardless of what it is.

This particular day, wasn’t one of those days. I may have heard felt or seen something inspiring but I wasn’t alert enough to grasp them. Why?

I have mentioned before that when you occupy your mind with things that are best left out of your radar, your thoughts process, your energy or your spirit it gets locked up and locked out from things you are meant to notice and see around you. That was what happened to me on this very day I am sharing with you.

It brings me to share with you about how we start becoming compelled to slowly recognise that no one but us, you and I, control and create our own world, we do.

We all are in a learning faze of life, all of us.

Life is about our experiences and the lessons we take from them are the most important part of it.

If we don’t learn from an experience and I’m talking about any experience – exciting, traumatic, emotional, challenging, overwhelming, sad, sexual, romantic, encounters – if we don’t learn from it you’d keep getting it back over and over AGAIN until YOU truly learn.

What about the good, positive, happy experiences, yes they have the same effect but this time the opposite. If you are not as appreciative of them – you get less of it.

Become appreciative of you being able to get up in the morning and everything absolutely everything in your life from the smallest tiniest thing to the biggest – the good and the not so good, they are ALL lessons to be learnt.

Life is about learning, no losers here, NON!

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 8th January 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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