I Am as Happy as Harry, are You?

160168_LI’m not going to tap you on the shoulder, why? I’m not a therapist.

As a coach, I say what needs to be said, as strongly as I can.

Others tell me no one is ready, to do what, I shall say, there is never a right time, the time is now.

I may be shining my light to brightly.

If it’s what you feel when you see me or read my post, I’m going to lead you into a secret you don’t know or you may know already. It’s a good thing that you feel my light is shining too bright, that way I have got your attention.

It’s an attention you may not be comfortable with, but then again they are words that ring true within you.

You’re going to find reasons, excuses and facts (made up) to deter you away from my words, you are.

People don’t like to see or hear the truth, I know that, I’ve been there myself, but I took whatever it was in, with the hardest conserve to listen to what I’m being told.

Hail ray of sunshine, it did guide me to places I could never have imagined, I would be in.


I’m talking here about not just words been told to me but all my traumatic experiences.

My mentor going back five months ago, when I was having a session. I was coaching in a coaching session and if I could hit with my fist or kick with my legs, with I was been told, I would have. I took it all in and listened, what was said was right and was speaking the truth.

Wear glasses (as said by Lisa Nichols) if my light shines too brightly, if you have to and still listen to words which are, true of the world we live in right now. You will know they are true words, as long as you are open to it and the change has been knocking on your door for a long time.

If you are still reading, well done for coming this far into the post.

One thing I’ll leave you here with is, start by being who you are not what your name is or what your gender is or what your culture is or what religion you’re in – YOU, there is so much joy, contentment and peace when you do.

Although it may be difficult, only at first, as it is with any type of change.

It is the best thing ever to do.

To achieve this, you’ve got to heal first. Heal from what? you may say, heal from the reasons why you are not being your true self right now.


This post was written by Tinu David and published on 27th August 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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