I can’t stand this.

Relationships, in relation to healing and why we need to heal.
If you are in conflicts, arguments, tiffs and so on with your partner, work mates or family members, remember it takes two. You are playing a part in it, too.
Owning your part in it, is crucial, because you have contributed in it, nothing to do with the other person.
When you own it, it is then important to sit with whoever you are having the conflict with, yes it is a must, or else things will never get sorted.
You also will now have to go on your own journey on finding out what is going on with you, underneath. You will have to heal away from it or them.
Once you heal, all the things that were getting you upset or angry or frustrated about, cease to exist.
I’ll give you an example, if you are living with your partner and you like to have your plates and forks and spoons in a certain place and your partner doesn’t, and this drives you up the wall. It has nothing to do with your partner at all, you have stuff going on within you and you have chosen – without you realising it – this is a way of letting out your frustration.
When you heal away from what it is that is going on with you underneath, you’ll find out, that, where the plates or forks or spoons goes, doesn’t matter anymore.
Heal away from what is going on in your life, heal.
This post was written by Tinu David and published on 27th September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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