Is it Left or Right em Up or Down em Square or Round?

Balance, we all know what balance means? In the dictionary one of the definitions of balance [I know I have repeated balance, I’m doing so now, it is four times, hahaha!] means: a condition in which different elements are equal or in correct proportion. Yes, you may be saying, and? What has that got to do with anything?

I’m going to explain what I mean about balance in very simple terms and by been simple it makes it easier for me and for you to understand what I’m saying.

Our brain, our inner brain is made, to understand things in simple forms, because when you load it with things that, it is not used to, you will come out of it [your brain] feeling even more confused.

I have talked about situations, where when you get confused, when you’re unsure about something, you get faced with so many options, right in front of you and you never know which one to pick.

Now, the reason why you are unsure, not knowing what to pick, is because you have placed a condition on yourself that limits you from knowing and trusting that whatever you pick will be the right thing for you. You have placed that condition on yourself and nobody has, but with the influence of another.

Conditioning is another major topic, I will in the near future be blogging on. It is one of the other things that influences how we think.

Going back to balance, if you can imagine an image in your head, visualise it, as to what balance means.

I will like to, imagine if I may? that you see it as a straight horizontal line? It doesn’t wobble, on both ends. I will like to ask you, what and how do you feel about looking at, that straight line?

The reason why I always ask you, how you feel? is because, it’s the most important thing to do, not about, what you could, would or should feel, but how you truly feel within yourself.

We get easily programmed unknowingly, to how we should, could and would react to certain things or situations. In some cases, it’s good and in some cases, it’s not so good.

To get yourself away from the could, should or would, is by using your own innate feeling, your innate intuition to decide on what it is that you will like yourself.

What I have described above, is about getting the balance right.

When you’re faced with uncertainty, that  straight line wobbles. On one end, you are thinking of what you want to pick and on the other end, you’re thinking, you don’t know, what to pick.

The reason why, you are uncertain, is because you have programmed and conditioned yourself, you have allowed it, no one but yourself has.

It is the reason, you get side tracked to things or situations that affect you, when you are thinking of a solution to anything – life, work, relationship and so on.

Please read again, I recommend you do, so you can fully understand, what I’m trying to say.

Life, in itself is simple. We make it hard for ourselves, when really, in reality, things are as simple as it shall be.

There isn’t, a if, but, maybe, perhaps or try. It’s a yes or a no – it’s the reason why I always say, it’s either black or white, not grey, pink, green or blue.

The answer to anything you are going through lies WITHIN YOU – your true core within.

It is not by, what you see with your eye’s.

It is by, what you feel with your soul, your being, your true self, your true within, your true core, your core spirit.

Give yourself some space within you, so the light, has room to come within you.

It will then heal you, from the things that are in the way of you moving your life forward as you deserve it to be and as you are born to be, in IT…

I had a stroke over four years ago, it is important that I say this, because it is what has made me who I am today – a guide and servant to the world around me, sending messages that will eventually inspire you to take action in your own life too.

I like to share my own personal experiences so you know and can understand where I am coming from. I had to go through all of my traumatic experiences to be where I am today. You don’t have to and it is the reason I share them.

It was my most empowering moment, why? Because I finally realised, I caused it to happen. All the traumatic experiences I had.

I was left with all the emotions, I created, to all the events and a long list of them.

They have been storing itself in me for forty years, in my beautiful but yet suffering body.

It was eating me away and my body said, ‘‘I can’t take this anymore Tinu, I can’t’’ – then boom! Stroke.

Any physical illness, has a direct effect on our emotions, remember that.

Heal Away Is What I Say: Tinu David – Mind Warrior


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