Others? Who are they?

OTHERS? Who are they?


The only person that cares about what others think about them, guess who? It is you.

If you think that you are ugly you would always meet people and things that would just show you that you are ugly.

if you think you are beautiful you would always meet people and things that would just show you that you are beautiful.

If you think you’re daft you would always meet people and things that would show you and prove to you that you are daft.

It is a life – I have lived before and it confirmed all the three instances above, every time I thought them and more.

I am beautiful and because I believe that in myself. I get comments all the time. It may seem like I am being boastful and I am because it is true.

Now, I haven’t cared about what you may have thought about me being boastful. My main priority here to you and to the world is about showing you, inspiring you, empowering you and guiding you to changing your mind set from negativity to positivity.

Too much worry is placed on caring about what others would think of us, don’t we? We can’t say that – we can’t be honest – we can’t wear that top with that trousers – we can’t act in that way – we can’t do anything we want to, because what would other people think of us?

We are all One, we truly are all One. The ‘others’ that we are worried about is also ourselves – we are the ‘others’, so if we the ‘other’ stop worrying about ourselves – we would comfortably, with time become who we really want to be, YOU.

Read this again as it may read like it doesn’t make sense – it does, just read it again and the more you begin to understand that – when we say to ourselves – we are concerned or worried about what other people think – we are the ones who are concerned – because we are also the ‘other people’ too. Read it again.

Love you all like I love everyone. . .

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 13th October 2017 under the categories: Uncategorized
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