Parenting, the Joy of it

I am not a parent, so please bear with me, on this, I am only talking about parenting, with regards to healing.
I have heard a lot of women and man say, they do not want to bring their children up, the way they were brought up, by their own parent.
I understand that so well.
Parents, as a whole, want to do their best, for their children, all parents.
They are, the women and men I have heard, are only just saying how they were brought up, can be better, whilst bringing their own child into the world.
I am going to bring in here, how our subconscious mind thinks, accepts and listens.
We create our own reality, our own world, so we need to be mindful how we think or speak.
The subconscious mind doesn’t know what ‘I don’t’ or ‘No’ means, It doesn’t. So, when you say ‘I don’t want to bring my child up the way I was brought up’, what It has heard you say is ‘want to bring my child up the way I was brought up’ – I have removed the ‘I don’t’, because it is what your subconscious mind heard you say.
There are, if you really think about it, traits of it, bringing your child up the way you were brought up.
Of course there will be, because you have said it and you are unknowingly influenced by it.
I am not saying or telling you how to bring your child up, I am not, all I will like to say, is heal away from how you were brought up, if you are not happy with it.
Accept it for what it was, embrace it, use it, own it and try and be content with it. Thank you parents if you have to, it is a hard thing to do, I know, if it has been the most terrible experience ever.
Forgive them if you have to, you don’t have to say it to them.
You are healing here, and you will find that when you heal away from it, you will, as I say with any healing, feel so much lighter and your energy is used in a more resourceful way.
This post was written by Tinu David and published on 23rd September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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