Positivity, Why?


The words we utter out of our mouths is much more powerful than you think.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between “bad or good”.

I’ll explain… our subconscious mind which is the back brain register’s every thing you say or think it’s our store house of our emotions. It takes in everything you say and keeps it there for you.

When you say bad words your subconscious mind sees or hears everything as the same.

So if you were to say I don’t like – say, him her or they or that place or that food or the way you feel about you not being able to do this or that – it is what your subconscious mind will always give back to you.

Remember you create your own reality.

No ONE, not him, her or they, that creates the things you see or experience around you today, please remember that. You have. You can change it.

I use to live in a world of negativity and everything around me all the experiences I saw or had or heard were all not good in the slightest. I got so used to it, it’s what I yearned for.

I live in a world now, where everything around me is good, so good, words can’t explain it.

One real good practice to learn, is when you start to feel in a, not so good way and you are either asked how are you? or you are in your own company, and you start to want to utter a negative word – STOP and change it to three positive things, anything, it doesn’t have to be in relation to what you are feeling at that present moment in time.

It really works.

Do Not utter unpleasant words out of your mouth, why? You are creating it, you really are.

Your words are as mighty as you wouldn’t believe it is…


Light Strength and a Ray of Sunshine to You

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 12th September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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