Self Love – WHY?

Self Love
What’s come up for me as I say or type the words – self love – is – selfish.
That’s – a word – most people say and complain about others – he is very selfish, she is very selfish or they are very selfish.
Why do they say that? because they feel that way of behaviour is not a good “moral” attitude to have – “thinking about them self and nobody else, but them self” – right?
What’s wrong with that? Think about it for a minute.
I’ll say there isn’t anything wrong with it. I’m all up for selfishness, if you don’t look after you, you, you, who else will.
Who will be better suited for the job of finding self love? Think about it. YOU!
For me it took me so many years of my life, to realise, all I was doing, was trying to please others rather than myself.
As a result of this, do you know why I was doing so? Because I couldn’t, as I didn’t know how to, due to a “LACK” of a long list of things needed for me to carry on living and loving life as I should.
However the discovery of finding self love has made me the most remarkable woman you can think of, I’m giving myself, as I say this, commemorations to finally find love that had been lost for 40 years of my life.
I’m saying this, also, as it is a practice for you too, to commemorate yourself always.
It’s SELF love, I’m talking about here, not about loving others, that’s a different kettle of fish, it’s about finding the love, for you, for yourself.
To be able to receive true genuine love, even for yourself, you’ve got to Love Yourself First.
How? It may be a little difficult at first but the more you do it the better it gets.
Practice makes perfect. Most most importantly, and I can’t stress this more than I’m saying it, as long as you’re not causing any harm to another.
– look in the mirror every day and say I love you.
– with whatever you do regardless what it is (work, relationship, lifestyle, community) ask yourself this questions,
1 – is it going to be beneficial to ME.
2 – is it going to make ME happy?
3 – express yourself in as much detail as you possibly can, you’re showing you in words this time and others how you feel
4 – be yourself, be YOU, your true core. Not your gender or your race or your culture or your religion, your within
5 – do not care about what others think of you or do to you, yes, DO NOT
6 – have no guilt for anything – listen to yourself – you’ve got the answers
That’s self love, I’ll be talking about another reason to heal tomorrow.
Light and Love
This post was written by Tinu David and published on 4th September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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