3 Months Retirement Age Package


Ah! Something you may have been looking for or an idea you never thought of . 

Here it is…

What is it?
Three Months Retirement Age Package


Who is it for?
For Seven Young Aged People
It can be a gift to someone or you can give the gift to yourself.

You will be surrounded by other women who are in the same journey just like you.
It is limited to only seven people.

Through a free thirty minute session, we will both decide on whether it is the package for you.

I will pick the seven people, I feel and sense will benefit from it the most.

Whatever age you are, when you retire, the world can seem like a place you feel lost in.
You think you know what you will do, but then you don’t.
You start or think of things to do, lets say a cooking course or a sewing class, or a painting course or a gardening course.
It only after you realise, it is not what you really want to do, then you try something else.
The mind buggles and it buggles and it leads to you getting confused and for some unknown reason you decide to go back to the work you retired from. Oh no!

Coming on to the package, will guide you into the things you never thought you can do.
It will be for three months

12 Weeks.

Two Hours Every Week

Time 9am.
Lots of fun and interesting things to learn, do, find, explore, express and so on.
You can start by sending me your details, on my contact page, why you feel you will benefit from it or why you feel the person you are giving it to as a gift will benefit from it.
It is going to be a fun and enlightening experience, with me always 🙂


January 7th 2019


Hove Therapy Rooms

69 Church Rd



Priced at £333 Per Person

Twelve Weeks

For a life worthy of moving forward. Experiencing things you never thought you will.

Sending you my Light. . .