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  • In this free 15 minutes session you would discover what is is I can guide you to become in whatever it is you like to change or improve about yourself.

Change is a mighty word, why? it drives the ego mad. However in the 15 minutes we share together, would be just enough to get you thinking of how you can be whoever you want to be, wherever you are in your present life or situation.

Awareness, realisation,  comes up for you, You would be glad you did once I have shared with you the way I work and how you can achieve the most out of your continued time with me should you decide to take one of my full hout sessions and perhaps more.

Life is for living and lots of us are not living the life that we were born to – living.


Guide you to be liberated.

Tinu David is a Freedom Coach - where she inspires YOU by guiding you to become free of all the challenging or distressing etc. that life throws at you and most importantly become comfortable with your new life of liberation.

Your new way of being, once you become free, would make you more aware of all the new things your new life of being throws at you - lighter, enlightened, happier, more focused, internalise, calmer, confident, unrestrained, inner peace, stillness, accepting, tolerant, receptive, down-to-earth, humility and all the things you have always wanted to be.

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