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I am offering a Free 15 Minutes Coaching Session’


It is an opportunity for you to discuss with me what it you will like to achieve and I will discuss with you how I can guide you to achieve it.

However in the 15 minutes we share together, will be enough to get you thinking of how you can be whoever you want to be, wherever you are in your present life or situation.

Awareness, realisation, inspiration are some of the things that will come up for you,

Life is for living and lots of us are not living the life that we were born to – living.

”I will bring positivity and happiness back into your life, this is done by un-doing the blockages that hinders your personal progress”


To make an appointment.

Send me a message on here at ‘Contact’ page on the home page at the top right corner,  with your details which will be your name, telephone number and what it you will like to talk to me about, in few sentences.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Light, Peace, Love and Happiness to you always.


How? Why? Who? What? Where?
Heal and Guide you to become FREE. . .

Tinu David - Spiritual Freedom Coach with Healing-

I will bring positivity and happiness back into your life.

I guide people to reach their potential.

I will guide you every step of the way to free and heal you of all the things that gets in the way of you achieving your desires your dreams or what you were called on this earth to do.

When you experience freedom - you will become - lighter, enlightened, happier, more focused, internalise, calmer, confident, unrestrained, inner peace, stillness, accepting, tolerant, receptive, down-to-earth, humility and all the things you have always wanted to be.

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