Group Session Workshop – How to Create Happiness

Workshop on How to create HAPPINESS

What the workshop is about?

I will be sharing with you my light, my vibration and my worldly experience on how you can create HAPPINESS in your life.

The vibe you get, inasmuch as you are not going to have it exactly as you felt it in the room, but but and another but, you shall leave, with the experience, the how’s, the guide and ways that will encourage you to use what you’ve experienced at the workshop, in your everyday life.

Walking into the room, you will, right away feel the sense of happiness. As you leave the workshop you will leave with what you started with.

I will explain to you, how that happens. You will be amazed, once I share it with you, how you can use the same way, in every aspect of your life.

What is happiness?

Exploring the real meaning of happiness. Also familiarizing ourselves with the type and kind of feelings we get when we are in the state of happiness. The use of things we take into our bodies are great but they do not last long enough and they do not-very-nice-things eventually to our inner bodily system. I will guide you to create that yourself.

Where is happiness?

We already have the answer to where happiness lies. We have got it within us and all I will be doing is getting and grabbing – not literally – it out of you. You will be getting in touch with it, so you can feel it, for what it truly is.

Why is it important to be happy?

I will be discussing the importance of happiness and all the why’s. Happiness if you have felt it, gives you a sense of greatness that you sometimes can’t explain. When you are in that state, you feel as though you can achieve everything. I will be discussing how that works and why it works in the way it does.

Who is happiness for?

There are some people who sometimes feel it is rude, offensive and a feeling of embarrassment, to show their expression or be expressive in a public place, and happiness is one of it. There is reason why that is and I will be explaining to you, why that happens. Invariably, if you are, you will eventually feel more comfortable and confident with showing how you feel, openly.

Regardless of where you are, what mindset or state you are in, it is for you too. I will be showing you why it is so and the reasons why been in whatever mindset or state you are in, is good for you.

How to find happiness?

This is the one question, everyone ask. How do I find happiness, when all I go through in life, isn’t a happy one? Interestingly enough the reasons why that is, is of course, with the trouble and down times you find yourself in. So, how do I and why shall I be happy, I will share all that with you.


What you will get from the workshop?

The reasons why others are happy and others aren’t.
Becoming comfortable with and realising that happiness is for you too.
You will be at ease, NOW knowing, how easy it is to create happiness in your life.
A final and absolute desire to want to be happy always.

Come prepared, how? By being open, so you can allow yourself, to receive what I share with you.

It is also about learning, creating and you leaving with the most simple and effective tools you will need to establish happiness in your life.

You will leave the workshop with a resolved feeling, knowing you can now create happiness in your life, in whatever life situation you are in.

Everything else will be provided, just bring your beautiful gorgeous self – yes, we are beautiful and gorgeous.

Who is the organiser?

Tinu David – Mind Warrior

I live with happiness everyday, with lots of laughter. Yes! You can sometimes hear me across the room wherever I am, when I laugh, love it and the feeling I get, is an amazing sense of being.

It has become a part of me and who I am.

I am a being who lives by the things I guide and serve others to do for themselves and happiness is one of them.

What I will be sharing with you, is the several ways you can bring happiness into your life.

I will guide you to take away some of the uncertainty, as to whether you are allowed to be happy, you know what I mean.

You will then give yourself the permission to be happy.



When is it?
To Be Confirmed
8.45 am to 1 pm

A Very Small Group so

£111 Per Person
Drinks and Lunch will be provided
Everything Else Will Be Provided
Just Bring Yourself

Buy your journey to happiness


The Ginger Pig, 3 Hove Street, Hove BN3 2TR

Why attend?

Whatever I share, is always received.
Allow yourself into the wonders of the world of HAPPINESS.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” – Mahatma Gandhi.

See you there…