How To Build a Happy Relationship with Others.



How to Build a Happy Relationship with Others.


Relationship could be with your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, children, friends, work colleagues or work mates.


  • We create our own reality, we do, no one else does, but you. Own it and embrace this as much as you can because when you do, you will realise that by owning it and embracing it, you can do and be whoever you want to be.


When in any dispute, remember it takes two. You have contributed to it. You may have contributed 30% or 50% or 70%, when you realise that it makes it easier for you to deal with what the dispute is about. It may not be best to do it to the person you are having the dispute with. However, when you step back and see where you have contributed in it, you are able to understand yourself better, so, if there is a next time it will not be a dispute but just a misunderstanding.


  • You are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with. You are looking at the mirror. The friends you have the people you connect with are a reflection of who you really are. I’ll explain.


I do hear cases, where friends complain about another friend. Inasmuch as it is a difficult thing to admit, but then, it is true, if you stop and think about it. A friend says I have lost the trust in my. If she or he ask him or herself, do I trust myself? If they are really honest with themselves, it is because they do not trust themselves either. Read this again.


I am only using trust as an example because there are so many reasons why, friendship breaks up. They are reflecting a part of you, you do not like.


  • Heal away from the list of things that you are lacking in yourself.


When you meet a new man or woman in a relationship, you have the honeymoon period, where everything is going on as it shall, perfect, lovely, sweet, joyful, connecting well and enjoying each others company.


Something starts to change, come the sixth month or a year or later on in the relationship. When you both start to get comfortable in the relationship.


You both start to wonder, this is not the man or woman I met, however long ago. The underneath that was covered up, when you first met, starts to surface. The things that both parties didn’t want to show the other person. At some point it will have to surface, whenever it is.


It is the reason why I say, heal away from what it is that is making you have the long list of lacks, that you have, coming from the not-so-good -past experiences that you have.


  • Communication, is key here, because when you communicate with whoever you have a relationship with, you are talking about your feelings. What it is you like and what it is you do not like. It is not about the person you are with as such, but it can be also, but it is about things in general.


It is a very important thing to do, because you are getting to know each other much better and knowing what things to avoid and so on.

Have this – communication – done as often as possible and have nothing hidden away. Be as honest as you can, best. You start to understand each other better.


  • Open up as best as you can, with each other. What the opening up does, is that it creates a safe space for both of you to be able to be who you really are.

You both are not frightened to upset the each other.


Why? because, if for example, you like, say, a carrot cake and he or she doesn’t, so you buy what he or she likes, only. What about what you like, what is going to happen to that, that you like? In the long run. You will at some point in time, start to resent the other person, for not caring about how you have given up your carrot cake, because you want to please him or her.



  • Give each other space so you don’t infringe on your partners true self.



Have a happy relationship with whoever you are with, enjoy each other as best as you can…


Light Love and Strength