Trust – Why?


Trust is such a big word for some and the intense importance of it.

It’s always to do with what someone has done to you or him or her, that keeps you weary of the next person you trust.

It’s a word or a thought for me I found easy to show to others, and in most cases it hasn’t turned nasty.

So with time I’ve come to trust myself, which is what this trust, is what I’m talking about – TRUSTING YOURSELF, it’s not about trusting others.

Trusting yourself is, you knowing that whatever you decide on doing or achieving will be as you set it to be.

The reasons why a lot of people don’t trust themselves and there are a lot of people who do, is the looking outwards of the experiences they’ve had with others and because of that in as much as it’s difficult to understand it, come back to this and the more you read it the more you’ll realise, that it’s the effect of what others have done to you, that has now trigger the thought, that you can’t trust yourself. It’s come from no where else.

It’s like saying “if he or she or they couldn’t do it, how the hell would I trust myself to do it”.

Another reason is the series of the lack of most of the progressive moving forward actions needed that causes it hard for you to trust yourself. Lack of confidence is one, unfocused is another and so on.

Another reason is an experience you may have had, when you set your mind on doing something so good it felt almost real and then it went all wrong, right? You’ve experienced that? Now with that type of experience you’ve had, you’ll be thinking if another plan comes up again, you’ll be the last person to even go through it, right?

There are lots of other reasons why you don’t trust yourself and the three main ones I’ve given, shows you how when you get rid of all those blockages, the next time you plan on doing something so perfect you’ll be all up for it and even if there is a glitch 1in the process you’ll see it as all part of the process of learning and move on to the next stage and so on.

Start to trust yourself and the more you do the better your life situations, starts to be as you like or as you deserve it to be.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 11th September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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