We are all Gifted

There are a lot of Coaches out there and there are lots of good excellent goal reaching Coaches.

Sometimes – you’re confused, unsure, uncertain, doubts creep in, you start to get all sorts of questions about what type of Coach to go for.

That in itself is all part of the reason why you are looking for a Coach who can guide you to achieve whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish.

When you do decide to make changes in your life – because through turfs and bumps left right centre, you want to be able to rightly make the right decision on knowing who to choose to guide you out of your life situation.

This is what you can do when you get into a mind set – that you like to have a Coach – who can guide you in the best way possible to reach where you would like to be, to your ultimate destination.

When you are trying to decide on anything in your life be aware.

– Firstly when you are thinking or deciding about whatever it is you would like to do. I do not encourage too much deep thoughts, always use your trusted intuition when you want to change anything.

– Secondly, if your intuition is attracted to one of the three things (always have three options of whatever it is you’re thinking of doing) that you’ve looked at, go with it.

– Thirdly – don’t have any ifs or buts.

Now if the choice you made has NOT gone as you have planned it – four likely things has happened:

– Firstly, you had ifs and buts

– Secondly, you did not use your trusted intuition

– Thirdly, you were uncomfortable with what you have found about yourself.

– Fourthly, it’s a great lesson to have, so that next time you are trying to choose, you choose without if’s or buts, with your own trusted intuition and you’re not afraid of the change you are going to encounter – stand in it.

The reason why I do not encourage deep thinking of deep thoughts is because when you think too deeply you lose focus, you get lost in what your original thoughts were.

I’ll give you an example – you suddenly come across some flights of steps going down and you are someone who is afraid of steps or you are afraid of heights.

Straight away you start thinking through all the experiences that you may have had in the past when you went down the steps that something terribly and dreadfully happened.

You then start to think about all the things you need to do so you don’t fall down the steps/stairs or experience what happened the last time. For some unknown reason it carries on and on and on. Now, because you’ve gone through all that had happened before in the past – understandable – thinking it all through – deeply about the terrors, experiences you had in the past and mis-haps – you are not going to go down those steps are you? No!.

Whatever it is that you want to do whatever it is you’re trying to make decisions about – just use your surface thoughts not any deeper, just on the surface.

Use the powerful intuition you already have to make the decisions that you need to make, if you’re not in touch with yours learn how to, I can guide you.

Now by using your intuition to guide you on who to go for to guide you to Coach you and support you to achieve whatever it is you like to accomplish. There is no guarantee that you’re going to use my Coaching Sessions/Services – you may not be my ideal client and I may not be your ideal Coach.

Use your intuition wherever possible to make decisions in your general day-to-day life once you learn how to use it it becomes an obituary practice.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 17th April 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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