What is enlightenment?

I would start by saying I don’t know it all but I do know it also.

When I speak, I speak, well sometimes, I speak from within. We all do have three things that defines us – the me the myself and the I. Going back to the question of this post, what is enlightenment in as much as I do know when I feel enlightened and I’ld use that to describe what enlightenment means to me.

I have been on a journey like everybody else is and my own journey started from the time I was born. Children do feel enlightened and I was enlightened child.

Sometimes parents do get worried, scared, uncertain and bemused by how their children act, maybe not so much now as we are embracing a new world and faze where people are allowed to become as open as they can be to the world around them.

It does bother some parents when they see their child act in a way that they ‘do not’ understand and that leads them into feeling as though there’s something wrong with the child.

In most cases the child is only being themselves. I am saying this because my parents and all parents care, love, respect and are loyal to their children.

As I grew up, I started to mix and associate myself with the rest of the world. Those experiences with the world which I treasure, has influenced the person I am today.

Although our past, influences us in the today but it is also what a lot of us use to label our behaviours. Labelling is good, I am not saying it isn’t, it is how we get locked down on them and it stops us from moving away from it.

Best to stop blaming it on our past experiences but to move on away from it. Take the blame away, it was there for us to learn something and once we see what the experience is or was telling us, ‘lesson learnt’. It then becomes easier for us to move away from it and on to the next.

The past was in the past leave it there, the present the now is what matters more. Be in the present.

Enlightment is the end of suffering.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 14th January 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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