Why am I so unhappy?

Feeling – happy, excited, free, elated, confident, full of ideas, full of energy, lighter, floaty, an air of freedom, being able to see whatever it is that you want to say and all the good things you could think of – doesn’t have to be achieved by taking recreational drugs or alcohol.

youth-570881_1920You can achieve the above by first being who you truly are.

I’m not saying, don’t take any alcohol,or whatever it is you take, you can do whatever you want no one can stop you, no one.

My own guided way of saying – be who you truly are – is the first thing you’ve got to do before anything else that needs changing in your life. By doing so, you get everything your soul desires, whatever it is, that is well deserving, to you, would come to you – just like that.

It’s that easy and simple – my two favorite words.

Life throws a lot of stuff at you and you ask your self over and over again why, why, why? It throws itself not one but one freaking after another.

Our traumatic experiences are there to strengthen you, it may sound or read absurd.

A traumatic experience, think of one of yours.

Why do you think it happened to you? Why?

cry-2010585_1920You may have loads and loads of reasons come up and I can understand why I truly do, it’s even a frustrating thing to have asked you to do so but just stay with me for a bit.

I have had my own fair share of traumatic experience so I know sort of and not entirely know how you’re feeling.

One of the things, learnt from a traumatic experience is a lesson now that seems like a hard one to take but it is a lesson and lesson learnt.

The experience shouldn’t happen again. If it does, the reason why it’s happened again is because the lesson wasn’t learnt from the previous experience.

Until the lesson has been learnt, it wouldn’t happen again. But if the lesson wasn’t learnt it’s going to keep happening to you over and over and over again.

Use whatever experience you have always to strengthen you we are living the life of experiences and learning from them and the most important bit is to move away from the experience and don’t let the past experience stop you from moving forward.

hug-2734958_1920Embrace your adversities they are there to strengthen you, they truly are. The more you see them that way the less harmful you would feel if you were to have another.

I have had loads and I hold them with shining light, you can do the same.

Lessons are learnt, there are no winners, no losers.

This post was written by Tinu David and published on 11th July 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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