Why Do We Need to Embrace Our Hurts?


I visited the grave of my daughter today, who passed away 2005.

I did pop into the shop, to find something I can leave or stick into the ground by her grave side and this came to me the moment I walked into the shop “Santa stop here”. Perfect is what I thought.

It was emotional, which for me, was the first time I’ve ever expressed a feeling of loss, of her absence. I haven’t visited the grave in years.

I’ve only NOW fully embraced all the “hurts” I’ve been through all my life and losing her was one.

Embrace yours. Whatever experiences you have in your life, whatever they are, it or they are there to strengthen YOU.

It does feel odd, I know, for me to say that and for you to read me say it. But what else can you do, to reverse it? NOTHING!

All you can do, is to make sure, you embrace it/them and the most important part of this process is that you heal yourself away from it.

I did embrace her loss, only mildly and some conformity played a part in it too. But I didn’t HEAL myself. I am NOW healed. It also doesn’t mean you will not be emotional, we are human and emotions, depending on how you deal with it, is a good thing.

It is part of what I do now – Healing others with my service and guide, as a Mind Warrior.

Whilst I was there at the grave yard, she came right to me and said she’s sorry she had to go (don’t blame her, look at the world we live in now, lots of uncertainties, mildly put, in people’s minds and the rest of it) and thanked me for the love I shared with her in the whole eight weeks she lived on earth.

We had a good fun time together, I remembered clearly, it was like at the time she was alive, I knew she wasn’t going to be here for long, so my investment in sharing, so much love to her, was well worth it.

She is always with me even as I type this she’s commending me.

She is such a beautiful SOUL…


This post was written by Tinu David and published on 15th November 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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