Why does he or she shine so bright?

Imagine what you see when you think of Light, it glows, it lightens things up, It brightens, It shines, It gives a lovely beautiful energy – we all have that Light within us.
I use to be told, I have the light, but at the time I wasn’t comfortable with it.
I felt weary of It and thought to myself, I don’t know how to take this, what do I do?
I have healed and I do, now, accept it and own it and it feels absolutely amazing.
You can, if you haven’t embraced your light, yet, have this Light I talk about.
The things that gets in the way, why, the light perhaps doesn’t show is, because, there is an endless list of things that is getting in the way of, you moving forward.
Until we heal away from it or them, the Light is going to find it hard to show through, yourself.
What does the Light, do to you? You may ask. You will become in touch with your beautiful-powerful-strong-confident within.
All the things that were getting in the way of you moving forward, has been healed and you start to move forward swiftly, beautifully, happily, joyfully, enlightened, positively as you shall, living the life that you fully deserve.
Embrace it and own it but first heal away from all the things that are getting in your way.
Light and Strength
This post was written by Tinu David and published on 24th September 2018 under the categories: Uncategorized
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